Wendy Satchwell


Wendy Satchwell was born in Birmingham and attended Birmingham University where she gained her BA Hons Degree in Fine Art and Textile Design. 

Wendy's style is instantly recognisable. Her paintings resonate with the beauty and history of impressionism, yet they have a contemporary voice and the structure of abstraction. Seeking inspiration from her natural surroundings and her own personal life experiences, the composition of her works are well considered with colours and shapes meticulously planned out before she starts painting.

Wendy creates highly textured surfaces by layering oil, water-based paint, and mixed media, with every brushstroke having its part to play in the tapestry of shimmering colour that conveys a sense of effervescent spirituality. She is a colour alchemist, using textures and shapes to present an almost ethereal depiction of light, colour, and energy. 

 Wendy says, "Texture has always been a highly important part in my art, all through art college as well as at university studying textiles and fine art. Being taught techniques to create different surfaces was always my most enjoyable part. I am a very tactile person and love to feel the texture of things, whether it be an original painting, a fabric, the bark of a tree, or simply just the smooth beautiful finish off natural stone and marble. I am continuously thinking about new textures as I strongly believe that, though in many galleries it is forbidden to touch the artwork, I want the viewer to see and touch what I paint. It is a huge compliment to me for the viewer to want to touch my artwork and feel those deliberate little imperfections within the surface of my work. Therefore, introducing organic features such as leaves, crushed metal foils, and cold-water stones to introduce nature just adds that special touch and makes my work unique to me."

"I have another very strong love and passion as well as my art and that is gardening and flowers. They are a massive influence in my work, not only for their beautiful form but for all their amazing colours."

 Wendy is a rising star in the contemporary art scene. Her work is collected around the globe by high profile celebrities as well as being placed in high end hotels. 


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