Steve Rostron


Striking atmospherically charged paintings from Lancashire based fine artist, Steve Rostron!

Steve works from the former village butcher's shop, now converted studio, in the picturesque village of Sabden near The Trough of Bowland and in the shadow of the famous Pendle Hill, infamous of course for the region's witch trials in the 17th Century. Having lived and worked in this much mythologised area of outstanding natural beauty for most of his life, he readily acknowledges the influence these captivating landmarks have on his work, although he also stresses that the landscapes he paints are all the product of his imagination: "I don't try to recreate a scene or defines image of any given landscape, rather I use elements of what I see to create an amalgamation or interpretation of a place."

These stunning abstracted landscape works are a result of Steve's involvement with the awe inspiring natural scenes in which he lives and works. They explore the way that light, water, and the atmosphere interact with the rawness of the land, contending cutting a path through nature and continually refreshing and reinvigorating wild rural and urban landscapes, creating a thrilling, and often fascinating, visual adventure in paint.

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