Sean Curley


Sean Curley was born in Lancashire in 1966, and lived there until he was 14 years old. His family moved to the south of England, where Sean has been based ever since. He currently resides near Poole in Dorset with his wife Andrea. 

Sean has always painted from early childhood, graduating from watercolour and other media to oil painting in his teens. He is an intentionally, entirely self-taught artist, preferring from an early age to develop his own style without too many outside influences. He actually studied Business Studies at University but has continued to paint in a professional capacity since leaving education.


He draws inspiration from his surroundings in Dorset. From his garden in Poole, to the harbours of West Bay and Weymouth, he can be found studying the smallest of flowers through to large landscapes. He also finds inspiration whilst abroad with most of his holiday photos destined for the studio rather than the photo album.


Extensive travels abroad also offer Sean the influences and inspiration that nature in other countries can give. From the flowers of Hierapolis to the coastal scenery of Mauritius, he uses these trips to refresh his ideas and viewpoint.


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