Roz Edwards


Roz Edwards is an artist who loves to paint bright, bold, colourful paintings based on the natural world. Trees, flowers, and landscapes are her favourite themes. 

Roz specialises in contemporary tree paintings which uses a range of skills and styles. She works in acrylic as she likes to journey from dark to light, adding detail as the painting progresses. Her pieces can be very realistic and detailed, she uses impressionist and pointillist styles and borrows their use of dots to create a scene. She focuses on patterns and negative spaces between branches to create her art. 

Whatever the subject matter, Roz's work is characterised by lots of detail and bright colours. She loves patterns and adds texture to enhance her designs. Her impressionist style of art is created using many layers of paint, a process that is time consuming. 

After a long career as an art teacher, Roz decided to turn her focus in a different direction and become a full time artist. She describes herself as a very creative and practical person, and is happiest when doing something artistic. Roz lives in South West England, where she is fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful countryside, from which she takes inspiration. 

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