Matthew Sorrell


Matthew Sorrell is a self-taught glass artist, creating truly unique pieces of art. His skills are highly varied and this shows in the variety of pieces that he creates, from coasters to 20-inch platters to sculptures and wall art. Each piece is truly unique and impossible to replicate due to the nature of working with glass at such high temperatures. Glass gives new meaning to the term ‘original’!


The creation of kiln glass art is a very long and slow process. Each piece is created from carefully cutting and placing shapes of glass onto a flat glass surface, along with ‘frit’, ‘confetti’, and coloured powders for texture and depth of colour. The piece is then fired at temperatures of 840 degrees Celsius until the desired effect is achieved. This is where the glass pieces can change colour and melt together to create an artwork that is inimitable. Finally, the piece can be mounted and framed, or fired in the kiln again to be slumped into a bowl or over a curve to create a more three dimensional work. 


Matt also has a background in restoration, particularly the masters, and has worked on pieces by Canaletto, Rembrandt, and more over the course of his career. This background in art and art history has given his work a depth that few others achieve.


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