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Lucy is a Leicestershire based Artist and Stone Carver. Lucy  studied Fine Art at Loughborough University and Architectural Stone Conservation and Carving at Bath College. She was born in 1989 and grew up in the countryside of Rutland. Ever since she could grip a pencil, Lucy has drawn. Her interest in stone developed at the age of fourteen when Lucy began working on a Saturday at a Memorial Masonry called RGR Memorials in Northamptonshire. Here she learnt skills such as sandblasting, painting and gilding lettering. Although Lucy works in a variety of mediums including; stone, clay, pencil, watercolour, coloured pencil and charcoal, her preferred mediums are; Stone, Clay, Watercolour and Pencil. She predominantly works in British stones such as Slate, Bath Stone and Portland Stone and carves with traditional hand tools.


Lucy has been Artist in Residence at Lancaster Castle in 2014 and Clipsham Quarry in 2015. Lucy was a Finalist at the 2009 David Shepherd Wildlife of the Year Competition, RDFAS Young Artist Prize Winner in 2008 and SAA Junior Finalist 2005.


In her own practice Lucy loves to create drawings and paintings of wildlife and people that focus on detail and 3D sculptures in stone and clay. She finds creating pieces in a monotone medium fascinating as the amount of pressure or surface texture applied will translate the suggested threedimensional

shape. Lucy is always aiming to make her pieces come to life through these mediums. In addition to her own practice, Lucy enjoys working to commission in a variety of mediums.

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