Kealey Farmer


Born and raised in Derbyshire Kealey Farmer spent most of her childhood painting, drawing, and doodling, it was inevitable that art was going to become a big part of Kealey’s life.

Mainly a self-taught artist, it wasn’t until the birth of her second son that she decided to leave the corporate world behind and focus on art. She began experimenting with acrylics, painting large abstract swirl images on large-scale canvas's.

The first show was a sell out and Kealey knew the mix of design and colour ignited people’s imagination. These designs naturally evolved and Kealey began working on her ‘Energy Collection’. These were inspired by dream-like images based on how you feel rather than what you see around you, fluid pieces with no beginning and no end and using colour theory to focus on moods.

Kealey then started to incorporate new forms of mixed media into her work, such as hand cut glass and Swarovski crystal embellishments.

Her recent collections are on a much smaller scale, featuring multi-coloured trees and flowers, and  with a more romantic twist through the use of hand made hearts.

Kealey says “I love colour, reflections and fluid movements, I want people to be captivated be what they see and hope to make people feel good through my art.”