Julien Hatswell - Clocks

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Growing up in the Kent area Julien, from an early age, was inclined to express himself by painting and creating items – inspired by Science Fiction and Horror. This matured into a passion for the Pre Raphaelite artists, Surrealism and the Art Nouveau Gothic styles. Following college graduation in 1991, he briefly worked for a London toy design company as a prototype sculptor/pattern maker.

For over 20 years, Julien Hatswell has been creating his Visionary artworks. Many of these paintings have found a place in art collections around the world – following just 5 solo exhibitions since 1992. Julien’s mix of detailed fantasy and surrealism, drenched in dramatic atmosphere, has attracted many collectors. Julien’s work provides them with dream like images to unwind and connect within moments of relaxing reverie.

He has always painted in oils, developing a technique with metal powders and a mixture of mediums to imbue his work with a soft, liquid quality. His original paintings are also available through The Little Red Gallery. 

Julien Hatswell is currently also producing a range of Dali inspired warped clocks that are incorporated into many of his paintings.

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