Graham Chalmers


Graham was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire and left home when he was 16 years of age.

Graham has travelled widely, working and living in the UK before venturing to the Mediterranean area. He eventually moved back to the UK, settling in Lincolnshire where he now lives with his family.

Graham has had a myriad careers, including law enforcement, business consultancy, and education. He is a published author and a composer/song writer, but retired from all of these to pursue his passion for art. Exhibiting regularly and carrying out commissions has resulted in his work being in the hands of both private collectors and institutions alike.

Drawing and painting from childhood, Graham has followed the traditional route of many artists before him. He has had some formal training but prefers to rely on his own sense of the world, and has developed a personal and recognisable style using oils, acrylics and watercolours both.

Always keen to push his own boundaries, Graham constantly strives to expand and develop his skills, probing and seeking new and exciting ways to present his subject matter using light, texture, and situation to punctuate his work.

Graham considers “art” in the broadest of terms but like many artists he has own personal preferences, which include townscapes, historic buildings, and material that can tell a story reflecting everyday life of both the past and present. Graham captures the atmosphere and essence of a time or place by stepping beyond the immediate visual aspects, allowing the observer to see the obvious but interpret the situation as they will.

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