Hailing from South Wales, Ghost is a collaborative project which takes two artists and combines their skills to create truly incredible works of art. 

Cutting edge, Ghost's work is both rebellious and respectful of the art that came before them, often referencing the great masters of traditional art, such as Vermeer, Da Vinci, and Van Gogh, as well as the other side of art, the street art scene. Using digital, traditional art, and street art methods, the duo also draws inspiration from the street art masters and the 'vandals' tagging walls. Their artworks are a nod to the anti-establishment and they set out to create unique pieces which celebrate the diversity of urban art. 

"I am a self taught artist, I threw myself straight into the deep end by starting with oil paint portraits, which I now specialise in . . . I am very fortunate to have found my love for art which helps keep me on the straight and narrow. I am very influenced by street art, tattoo art, and I still have a guilty pleasure for anti-establishment, which I try to put into my art."

Unapologetically bold, their mixed media artworks are heavily embellished and finished with a bespoke spray paint frame, making each piece, including their limited edition prints, utterly unique. Their work can only be found in a handful of galleries across the UK and their limited edition print runs are extremely small as the duo focus forward, on creating new work and continuously innovating their own style. 

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