Dale Bowen


Dale was born in Staffordshire 1963, where he still lives to this day. Always interested in painting from an early age Dale went on to study art at Newcastle-under-Lyme College where his signature style began to take its first steps on the road that would lead him to becoming the nationally acclaimed artist that he is today.

Dale is also a master potter and has worked in the industry for over 20 years, firstly for Coalport China and then for Wedgwood in the late 1990’s. Working for Wedgewood in the Prestige Department, Dale created many one-off pieces for the collectors market and commissions. Many of these pieces were highly decorated and exclusive, fetching in some cases in excess of £100,000.

More recently Dale has gained a masters degree in ceramics at Staffordshire University and exhibited privately in New York, Washington, and San Francisco, including an Exclusive masterpiece collection in Japan for Wedgwood. His pieces are exhibited in museums in the USA, Japan and the UK. 

Dale says, “The creative process in art is self propelling and sometimes all consuming, it comes in waves and has forever altered the way in which I view my surroundings.”

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