Charlotte Atkinson


"Painting has always made me happy. It’s been my freedom and a way of accessing private thoughts, a way to evoke the strength of emotion I didn’t always realise I had inside me.
I love exploring our connection to nature in simple beautiful forms and how we fit within our landscape."

​ "As I work with my brush I aim for each mark to look effortless, revealing emotions as a sculptor would chip away at a block to reveal a form.”  


Charlotte's alluring and sensuous paintings are dedicated to inner strength and vitality.  A life long passion for figure drawing led her to Italy and the academic study of portraiture in Florence.  Her approach synthesises the principles of her studied classical figure drawing background with her distinctive signature fluid style.

Her award winning artwork cultivates an awareness and connection to the body along with a curiosity and experimentation around how the body moves and feels.These paintings feel almost beneficial to emotional well being and a calm and focused mind.

Published internationally,​ collectors describe Charlotte's paintings as 'creating a powerful atmosphere of optimism'. Embellished with touches of gold and a soft colour palette, ethereal figures seem to flow across the canvas with a dreamlike quality, resonating a deep calm and reflecting on the power and resilience within ourselves.
Charlotte lives on the south coast of Devon, England, with her family, painting among the stunning seascapes and wild moorland.


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