Bob Goldsborough


Already a familiar face to many in Liverpool's vibrant art world, Bob has been working as a professional artist since the 1980's, accumulating a reputation for his stunning blending of traditional and contemporary styles. Arguably best known for his representations of the Liverpool skyline, Bob had achieved great success with his depictions of A-list celebrities since 2017. 

Most recently, Bob has been drawing from art history and blending those ancient masterpieces with the faces and names we all know and love, such as Marilyn Monroe and Amy Winehouse. These art historical works are a true wonder to behold, with all the power of the Renaissance. 

Speaking about his versatility as a painter, Bob says: "As an artist I would consider myself to be more of a traveller than a settler, something of a tourist passing through. I've been, for instance, through De Kooning county, around Pollock Place, up Stella Street, around Picasso Piazza, along Hodgkin High Street and Hitchens Hill, and many other places in between. I've no intention though of taking up residence in any of them, however interesting they might be. I'm searching for my own place. These latest paintings of mine represent a stage on this ongoing journey rather than any definable destination. They are inventions, not cover versions. An exploration, not a discovery. A question, not a conclusion."

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