Andrew Craig


Andrew Craig is highly respected artist whose career spans over thirty-two years. 

Born in 1967 in Glasgow, Andrew now resides in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. Andrew has explored many different artistic fields. At the age of 21, his first job to allow him to explore his art was at Games Workshop design studio where he was hired as a figure painter for their magazine White Dwarf. This job not only gave him a platform to express himself but also inspired and guided his path to be a professional artist. Upon leaving Games Workshop two years later, Andrew spent many years as a freelance artist taking on many private commissions from pencil portraits to landscapes in oils.

Andrew has also had a lifetime passion for the performing arts and theatre, and he was given the opportunity to explore this passion within the theatre industry for the Theatre Royal in Lincoln as part of their set design team. His job varied there from painting the huge backing cloths to painting props. This allowed him to experiment while teaching him different techniques. 

By 2007, Andrew's paintings were receiving worldwide recognition, with career constantly evolving and developing. From 2014, Andrew had also been successfully tutoring art classes teaching oils, drawing, watercolour, and acrylics. Teaching is something he thoroughly enjoys, saying "when I teach art, my aim is to set each individual free on their artistic journeys". Andrew wants to produce work that would inspire the hearts and minds of people in the same way that art has always inspired him.

Andrew's newest collection of work explores the Sublime movement of art history, a style that sought to express the power of the natural world and to explore mankind's place within it. His powerful works show his mastery of light and texture, creating truly unique pieces of art.

"I'm trying to capture, for the viewer, a state of solitude, calmness, and harmony."


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