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September 2021

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August 2021

COVID-19 Update April 2021

We're opening our doors again on the 12th! 

Following government guidelines, we'll be reopening on the 12th of April! You can find us from 10am on Monday. 

Please be advised that masks that cover the mouth and nose are still required when entering a shop. We are also limiting numbers into the shop to 10 people in total. If you would prefer a private appointment then just get in tough at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a time and day that would suit you and we'll do our very best to accommodate! 

Also, we're getting a whole new delivery of artwork on Monday so come find us to be the first to see these incredible works!

We look forward to seeing you!

Richard Blunt Exhibition

Yes that's right! Amazing narrative artist Richard Blunt was at the gallery. It was a really great day and a huge thank you to everyone who came! We still have Richard's brand new sketches and prints so pop in this week before our exclusive show work leaves us!


Ann Pollard Exhibition

Stepping through the red door your eyes behold the elegantly displayed and beautifully painted canvasses by Ann Pollard. The indoor and outdoor light hits each piece which allows the works to radiate a warmth, in various ways the collection become life-like. Tempting the viewer to step into the painting and to experience what the Artist see’s.

'Grey/ Orange Abstract' Original Painting. 2018

 Florals. Landscapes. Seascapes. It’s clear that Ann Pollard has her own style, blurred between abstract and impressionist she uses the pallet knife in a gestural approach. Creating movement in the scene almost creating a sense of comfort as though someone has been there. Segments of her new collection have developed an ambiguity, where you are asked to question what the subject matter is. Specifically within ‘Grey/Orange Abstract’ the expressive movement within the light verses the dark colour pallet somehow forms a sense of calm. Where the light hits the canvas it creates a sense of a break through, as though something is expected to emerge from the space behind it.

'Golden Leaves' Original Painting. 2018

Colour, as always is very important within Pollard’s work where she emphasises each subject matter through composing each scene. Where vibrancy becomes the focal-point and showcases how vital colour is to capture the essence of a place. 

- The new collection seeps a visual pleasure which exceeds expectations.


Find works in all of our galleries, please contact to see available works.

Propaganda In Art - Part of our 'Poster Power' Exhibition

Chinese Propaganda Posters

Posters have a long history of propaganda - being used by particular individuals or parties to make a point that agrees with and supports their ideology. Some of these posters were so effective that they have entered a cultures psyche and can be used to reference or symbolise the ideas associated with them to the wider public. We have a collection of Chinese propaganda posters as part of our ‘Poster Power’ exhibition, as pristine examples of politics and art. These three pieces were created in 1967 to promote Mao Zedong’s regime. They use hyper-realism and heavily use the colour red to promote messages of a revolutionary people in support of the proletariat and against bourgeois mentalities. 


‘Long Live Mao’s Theory’ or ‘workers Below Chairman Mao As The Sun’

This piece features soldiers, farmers and factory workers all together holding forth the Little Red Book which contained a selection of quotes from Mao which summed up how to life a ‘Red Guard’ life.  This symbolised their loyalty to Mao whilst also stressing the importance of these peoples to Mao’s regime all in one image.

‘We Will Crush The Dog Heads Of Those Who Oppose Chairman Mao’

This piece shows a soldier with his red armband in the forefront, marking him as part of the Red Guard. This illustrates the other side of propaganda; instead of focusing on the positives of the regime and the happy citizens like the other works, this piece instead focuses on the consequences of not being part of the regime. The dramatic pose, looking like he is shouting those words, ‘we will crush the dog heads of those who oppose Chairman Mao’ at the viewer forces a mental ‘with or against’ reaction. This experience is a key part of why propaganda is so effective throughout history and why we now treasure these pieces as historical artworks.


‘The Many Accomplish Great Things’

Workers march happily forward on their way to work below Chairman Mao as the sun. Some are again holding forth the Little Red Book which summed up how to life a ‘Red Guard’ life in a series of quotes from Mao. It is said that in the 1960s the Little Red Book was the most printed book on earth, so great was its influence. It was not uncommon for citizens to have multiply copies on them and in their homes. In the background the red flags fly all about, showing the huge swell of support for the regime. The head of Mao in this piece was appropriated by contemporary artist Shepard Fairey’s in his ‘Obey’ piece. Even today the influence of these pieces persists.

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