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The Blog is Back!

Wow, what a summer it's been! 

First of all I feel I must apologise for the absence from this blog page for so long. The last time I sat down to keep you all up to date was in the build up to our sensational 1st Birthday event with Lawrence Coulson all the way back in March. I'd like to take this chance to thank all the lovely people who came down to make it such a success and welcome us into our 2nd year of providing unique art to one of the most beautiful and loving streets in the country. 

The summer has been a lot of work but an awful lot of fun. Many of you will have seen us at the Lincolnshire Show for our second year. Great fun as always, much adoration of Becky Mair's spectacular horses yet again and luckily no torrential down pour rolling in for the closing down of the stand this year!

We also debuted the gallery at Belton House with a stand at the Belton Horse Trials, much to the delight of the horse loving owner/manager Hazel.

We took the chance to spread a little bit further a field with a stand at the Newark and Notts Show making lots of new friends and having loads of fun with all the dogs despite the rains valiant attempts to ruin the weekend.

For a change of scenery we took a trip to Kelham Hall to be part of their wonderful Wedding Fair. Any excuse for our ladies to check out some beautiful dresses.

We've been a part of Unique Auction's markets on Castle Square as often as we can. Always nice to spend a sunny day out on the market meeting new people!

The summer has seen some big changes for the gallery with old members of staff moving on to new exciting projects and new blood coming in. Drop in any time and say hello to our new manager Ashley, imported all the way from Melbourne, Australia. She can't wait to meet all you lovely people and immerse herself in the art world.

As many of you will know from Facebook and Twitter, as well as our Little Red Friends on our mailing list, we have a unique event going on tomorrow afternoon (Saturday 27th of September). Amazing mixed media artist and wizard of glass work, Christopher Bell will be travelling half the length of the country to come to Lincolnshire for the first time ever to The Little Red Gallery. Don't miss out on a rare chance to meet an inspirational artist and pick up some great work. With Christmas not far away, a specially dedicated picture would make a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Now that summer has calmed down I will be keeping you and the website up to date with all our news and events, but if you feel a little left out of the loop from the last few months' silence you can follow us at Twitter.com/TheRedGallery and Facebook.com/TheLittleRedGallery. Alternatively you can drop us an email to be added to our mailing list and get exclusive offers as well as all the info!

Our 1st Birthday Celebrations with Lawrence Coulson

We, at The Little Red Gallery, would love to invite you to our 1st Birthday party with the awarding winning landscape artist Lawrence Coulson on Saturday 29th March from 1 – 4pm

The gallery would like to extend the invite to everyone who has come in, introduced themselves, marvelled at our work and supported us throughout our first year. But we would also like to invite the general public and artists alike who have walked past our windows but haven’t quite made it through our doors – this is a fab experience, meeting an artist like Lawrence and we hope to have you all in for a glass of wine and an afternoon of great fun.

Just get in touch if you would like to come.

John Wilson – Limited Edition 3D Auction

After being blown away by John Wilson’s mesmerising 3D work we have done our best to secure a few pieces from his most recent collections and bring this unique style to Lincolnshire for the very first time. Sadly work this fascinating is never available for long and we have only been lucky enough to get hold to two such pieces; Match Day and Down By The Mill.

Match Day as received a massive amount of positive feedback so far, it has been great fun watching so many people do a double take as they walk past the front window. Knowing that Match Day is completely sold out and Down By The Mill will soon be unavailable too we were stuck with the problem of who, out of the many people who have shown an interest, should give this amazing work a new home. The only fair system we could come up with would be to auction them.

The auction will run throughout February, bids accepted from the 1st until the 28th, and the luckily winners will be able to take their paintings home from Saturday 1st of March. We would prefer all bids be made via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. but if you’re passing feel free to give your bid to Hazel, Gemma or Bethany in the gallery. Just give us your name, contact number or email address (if your bid is given in person) and the title of the piece you are bidding for and of course your bid. The highest bid will be updated online so you can track the progress. Good luck!

Match Day

Current bid - Sold

Guide Price £800 – £1000


Down By The Mill

Current bid - Sold

Guide Price £800 – £1000


Viewing 3D paintings online will never do them justice so if you haven’t had a chance to see them in the gallery, to take them in from every angle and really immerse yourself, then drop by any time for a look.

The Great Art Robbery

In light of our recent brush with Lincoln’s rather comically inept criminal underworld we are offering discounts on a great and rare back-catalogue of art from some of the most famous artists in the world. With Christmas just a few weeks behind us we understand that money is tight and we’d hate to know that a passion for art earned anyone a criminal record. We will have discounts on selected work from this Saturday 18th of January up until the end of February.

If you find a piece perfect for you remember we offer a free delivery service to the local area, so no need to try and balance your art all the way home on your bicycle.

 This is a great opportunity to begin a collection or add to your swag bag.

The usual suspects in this robbery are:

Peter smith

Lawrence Coulson

Jeff Rowland

Rob ford

Clare Francis

Paul Horton

Mary Shaw

Jonathon Shaw

Come into the gallery and meet our fun loving criminals.

Farewell to 2013

 What a Year!

Feels so good to see a new number at the end of the calender and look back on what an adventure 2013 was. It was a hard, hectic but above all happy year for The Little Red Gallery. Although we were scheming away back at the end of 2012, the gallery only really took shape in 2013 with our mad dash to get open in time for the Easter holidays. We officially opened our doors on 28th of March 2013, welcoming people in while still running around getting art on the walls and adding some finishing touches to the gallery.

It could, probably should, have been much more daunting dipping our feet into a new business but with all the wonderful support we have had any trepidation quickly became excitement. The Bailgate is not your typical street, Lincoln not your typical city, as anyone who spends time there will know and as soon as we knew had no.8 we knew we could do something special in a very special place. Speaking to so many Lincoln residents and visitors we have seen just how much history there is in No.8 and how much love has been put into the building. Sadly the Bail had to lose the marvelous C’est Chic to make room for us but we were delighted to start a new chapter in the history of such a grand old building.

The only thing that surpasses the beauty of the Bail is the community spirit and we have been delighted by both. The very first big event we put on was a collaboration with 3 brilliant Bailgate businesses, Lottie’s Atik, Heritage Bags and Roly’s Fudge Pantry, bringing art, fashion and fantastic food indulgence together. As well as putting on our own events we have had a great time taking part in brilliant events put on by Lincoln City Council. We took part in The Antiques Fair in Castle Square twice and luckily secured a stand on the avenue at The Lincolnshire show (between the air-con, three walls and a roof we escaped the worst of the capricious weather). It was an eye opener to be part Lincoln’s famous Christmas market from the other side of the till this year. Always a great day and night out, we had so much fun donning Victorian outfits while dishing out the free mulled wine and mince pies to keep everyone going. Can’t wait till the next one! Our last event of the year brought us full circle to a lovely Fashion Show at The White Hart Hotel, organised by Oskar and with collaboration from great businesses  F. P. Watson, Lotties Atik, Object & Line, Bling and Signature.

While we could talk all day about the great vibe and community of the Bailgate; the welcoming atmosphere, the aspirational environment for growth and even the will to band together at the drop of a hat to chase down pesky shoplifters. We should really get back to the art. It’s been so much fun learning more about and surrounding ourselves with the beautiful art we have admired over the years. Be it old favourites of ours like Bob Barker, Richard Rowan and Joy Kirton-Smith or new revelations like Chris Bourne, Alex Jawdokimov and Kealey Farmer, it’s always been a pleasure to display such breathtaking work and bring a bit of beauty to people who may not have spent much time in galleries before.

We were very lucky to meet Edward Waite within a couple of months of opening, a great local talent and we were quick to focus his talent for unique interpretations of iconic landmarks on the beauty of Lincoln. It’s been an amazing year for Edward, his paintings of the Cathedral have been massively popular in Lincoln and he’s had great success all over the country. In between taking over the world he was kind enough to kick start our Visiting Artist program, putting on a fantastic exhibition and doing some live painting in the gallery. November brought the delightful Kealey Farmer to The Little Red Gallery, it was a fantastic celebration of Kealey’s bright, joyful work with many of her fans travelling up to meet her. A great day of art, love, and hugs, just what we like at The Little Red Gallery. On a less official but no less exciting note, the legendary Lawrence Coulson made a surprise visit to the gallery over Christmas. Our Coulson collection has been one of our favourites so far, to have the man himself turn up was beyond delightful.

The gallery is a labour of love for us. Discovering new artists is always a joy and Hazel rarely gets a delivery without proclaiming it Christmas come early. As we have grown and developed we have been able to showcase work from truly iconic artists such as Bob Dylan, Ronnie Wood and Stan Lee. We love art of all forms, music being a passion for us all, so bringing together both visual and audio contemporary art in one space was ideal for us. To celebrate this fusion we put on a Rock Themed night back in October to bring together paintings by musicians, paintings inspired by musicians and great live music from local artists The Unknown Stuntmen. Despite a traitorous boiler trying to put a dampener on the proceedings by adding its own interpretation of an indoor water feature we know the show must always go on. Between some temporary candle light and a some sterling assistance from those in attendance the night was still such a success that we did the whole thing again a few days later. Later in the year we had a rare opportunity to be involved with Lincoln University’s music department, providing the venue for soon to be graduate, Alex O’Brien’s dissertation. A wonderfully constructed interpretation of 24 hours in Lincoln. On the subject of music and art, we would like to say how much we have appreciated the time and support of Radio Lincolnshire and Melvyn Prior. It’s great to see such support for new businesses and such a keen interest in helping to further develop Lincoln as a great art destination.

As the year began to come to a close and the holiday season came upon us, we at The Little Red Gallery were overjoyed to be involved in many Christmas schemes. Many eagles have landed in our gallery in the weeks coming up to Christmas and we are delighted to have played a part in peoples special moments. (We now hope we are forgiven for our obscure messages and hope there weren’t too many cold dinners as a result of phone calls from strange women.)

As well as our lovely customers and  the fantastic Lincoln community, we would like to say a massive thank you for the fantastic work of the Publishers that have supported us throughout the year, Washington Green, Buckingham Fine Art, DemontFort and Alpha1. The advice and support we were given at the beginning of our journey really helped us start off on the right track and their support for our continued events really helped each one go off with a bang. A special thanks to Washington Green and Buckingham Fine Art for going above and beyond for us so many times and bringing never before seen art to Lincolnshire.

Everyone here would like to say a massive thank you to all of you who supported us in 2013 and look forward to spending lots more time with you in 2014.

Lincoln Christmas Market 2013 - 30th Anniversary

Lincoln’s legendary Christmas Market has finally arrived!

Boasting over 250 stalls catering to over 250,000 people, the Xmas market is the place for great gifts and a wonderful festive time out.

With the market celebrating it’s 30th birthday it is sure to be an extra special few days, even with the Castle temporarily out of action due to wind playing havoc with scaffolding used for the much needed restoration work.

The Little Red Gallery is so excited to be part of the festivities. We may not have a stall out on the market but we are right in the heart of the action and open all hours so be sure to drop in on your journey around Lincoln’s most picturesque area.

To stop us feeling left out we’re setting up a stall in our front room (pictured below) stacked with stocking fillers and to help make Christmas a bit more manageable we’re continuing our sale for the duration of the market. So come in to escape the cold, grab a mince pie and some mulled wine on us, and pick up some great gifts for art lovers new and old this Christmas.

For more information on the market itself follow the link to Visit Lincoln.

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