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Modern Masters Exhibition

August 8th saw the opening of our long awaited Modern Master Exhibition. After months of planning, searching for extra special pieces and coordinating with a private collector we finally unveiled a collection of 20th century art unheard of in Lincolnshire. The first stage of the exhibition runs through to the end of September and features work by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichenstein, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Damien Hirst, L S Lowry, Joan Miro, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Tracy Emin, Anthony Gormley and Henri Moore. All paintings, prints, lithographs and sketches in the collection are on display for the first time in Lincoln for just £1 entry and all are available for you to buy and take home your own piece of art history. 

Andy Warhol, Roy Liechtenstein and Henri Toulouse-Lautrec

Everyone here at The Little Red Gallery would like to give our thanks to all the wonderful art lovers who have visited the exhibition in the last two weeks. We have already sold pieces by Tracy Emin, L S Lowry, Salvador Dali, Damien Hirst, Joan Miro, Henry Moore and Henri Toulouse-Lautrec. It's been sad to see such amazing work go out the door but knowing such iconic art has made it to new happy homes in Lincolnshire fills us with joy even more than getting them on our walls in the first place. 

Roy Lichtenstein and Marc Chagall

Damien Hirst

Andy Warhol

L S Lowry, Marc Chagall, Henri Moore and Anthony Gormley 

This exhibition is so exciting for us at the gallery, and for all art lovers in Lincolnshire, that we wish to continue to source great classic 20th century work and keep the exhibition open as long as possible while keeping the displays fresh and inspiring for all. Keep connected via email, Facebook, twitter and drop into the gallery to hear about new additions to the collection first. 

Countdown to Ben Jeffery!

So excited to have our Ben Jeffery exhibition up in the gallery. Ben has treated us to a wide range of his work. Some beautiful figurative pieces, gorgeous wildlife, fantastic New York cityscapes, the great country landscapes that first captivated us, beach scenes awash with colour and even the unique treat of a painting of Steep Hill.

Ben will be in on Saturday but the exhibition is up and ready for a preview so drop in for a sneak peak any time this week.

Our gorgeous front room courtesy of Ben.

Breathtaking figurative pieces.

Our first Ben Jeffery cityscapes.

Come meet Ben Jeffery in The Little Red Gallery between 12pm and 4pm this Saturday 18th of July.

Year Three and Going Strong!

Wow what a year its already shaping up to be! After celebrating our 2nd birthday with Dale Bowen it's been nothing but fun and excitement in the gallery. 

First off for our third year the delightful Mary Shaw made a special appearance in April. Mary has been a firm favourite in The Little Red Gallery since we opened with her gorgeous floral landscapes, wildlife and more recently cityscapes brightening up the gallery. Most passers by will have seen one of her pieces in our window on more than one occasion so it was such a joy to have her in for a visit, to meet some adoring fans and add another signature to our wall of fame!


May saw the return of Kealey Farmer to the gallery. After last year's fantastic artist event we were all set for a day of bright colours and big smiles and Kealey did not disappoint. She brought a delightful collection of work from collections both new and old and made plenty of new friends happy with signed dedications.  

“I love colour, reflections and fluid movements, I want people to be captivated be what they see and hope to make people feel good through my art.”

A few gorgeous pieces from the exhibition

Kealey and a new friend


Amidst the celebrations for the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta around Lincoln we had our own special celebrations courtesy of great local talent Carl Paul. Carl put on a brilliant exhibition bringing his colourful take of Lincoln's most iconic architecture providing some breathtaking original pieces and a collection of limited edition prints produced by The Little Red Gallery ourselves. We loved the  collection so much it is still up in our front room and a few pieces are still in the front window. Carl's unique perspective and ability to breathe new life into the ancient has guaranteed his place in the gallery for years to come. Drop in any time so see these wonderful pieces and support a fantastic home grown artist.

A few original and limited edition prints from Carl's collection

A master class in the use of colour from Carl


Up next on our visit artist program is Ben Jeffery. Ben was one of the first artist we stocked, his landscapes are so reminiscent of Lincolnshire countryside that we immediately fell in love with his style. A man of many talents Ben paints landscapes, moving from the realistic to the almost surreal use of colour, stunning portraits and even a touch of his automotive passions under the alias of Fleetwood. It is his landscapes that have always caught our eye and though his work has been woefully absent from the gallery for a few months it's a joy to see a few new pieces. 

We can't wait to see the front room stocked up with his newest work!

Wheat Fields I Original £995

Wheat Fields II Original £995

Our 2nd Birthday with Dale Bowen

What a day!

Our early Christmas present, a surprise visit from Peter and Jayne Smith spoilt us so much that we decided we would celebrate our 2nd birthday early too. The whimsical Dale Bowen came up on Saturday 21st of March for his first visit ever to Lincoln and special meet and greet at The Little Red Gallery. We couldn't resist the opportunity to break out the cakes, wine and lollypops and make Dale the guest of honour at our party.

As you'd expect from his art, Dale was fantastic fun. A jovial, engaging and very down to earth talent with a penchant for bright colours, happy creatures and good laughs. Dale charmed everyone who dropped in to say hi and pick up some gorgeous art. We would like to extend huge thanks to all the wonderful people who stopped by to meet Dale and send off our 2nd year with a bang!

Dale Bowen meeting some fans and new friends.

Dale making everyone's day

Spreading a little happiness

Dale presenting Pirate Sheep

Dale Bowen signing paintings

To make our 3rd year extra special we have been hard at work bringing some of the greatest talents in contemporary art to Lincolnshire. Lincoln has been so good to us we want to give something back to the community and bringing little bursts of colour, life and happiness to our historic city. As much as we love having the art on the walls nothing compares to having the artists themselves in to discuss the work, give you a glimpse of their creative process and have a good laugh.

First up for our third year will be Mary Shaw on the 25th of April. Mary has been a firm favourite in the gallery since we opened, especially in the Spring time which inspires so many of her beautiful floral landscapes. We will be filling our front room floor to ceiling with lovely originals closer to the date but as we already have a gorgeous collection adorning our front room so feel free to drop in for a preview of what's to come. Mary Shaw only does original paintings so every one is completely unique but don't miss the chance to meet her in person and make yours extra special with a signed dedication!

Peter and Jayne Smith Surprise Visit!

Christmas came early to The Little Red Gallery this year with a surprise visit from fantastic artist couple Peter and Jayne Smith! As you can see above Hazel, Bethany and Ashley we delighted to have Peter and Jayne in the gallery. The timing could not have been better as we got in our exciting new Peter Smith sculptures this week.

There was much giddy talk about bunnies, anyone who has spoken to Ashley and Jayne will know they are kindred spirits when it comes to fluffy, flopsy creatures, and art. Unsurprisingly Kate Wyatt's rabbit and hair paintings caught Jaynes eye while walking around the gallery. We could resist the opportunity to have these great artists sign our wall of fame and Peter did special dedications on the backs of his lovely paintings. 

Such a treat!

Peter Smith

Jayne Smith

December kicked off with a bang right in the first week with the world renowned Lincoln Christmas Market. Celebrating it's 32nd Birthday, the market is still going strong and as popular as ever. With just short of 300 different stalls spread all around the Castle, Cathedral and the award winning Bailgate area, the Lincoln Christmas market is as close as you will come to festive time machine. As always we had our doors open as long as there was still people soaking up the atmosphere, mince pies and mulled wine. Thursday was so much fun that even by 10pm we couldn't bring ourselves to close the doors and instead turned the music up loud and danced the night away in our front room, soon joined by a load of like minded revellers off the street fearer for a dance.

Surviving Christmas Shopping This Year

We all know how stressful this time of year can be. Finding the right gifts at the right price can be an agonising process, one which we face many times over in the run up to Christmas. But fear not, there is always help at hand if you know where to look. This is why we are joining in with the Black Friday spirit and offering 20% off a wide range of fantastic contemporary art. The sale starts today and will run all the way to 6pm Sunday so you all have a chance to drop in and find a unique Christmas gift for someone special. No midnight battles through crowds here thank you very much, this is the Bailgate! 

The sale includes work from huge names like Bob Barker, Louis Sidoli, Kealey Farmer, Rob Ford, Kate Wyatt, Alex Jawdokimov and many more. Just make your way to the back room in the gallery and look for this sign.

It's not all about Black Friday though. If you want a more festive shopping experience you won't find better than the Lincoln Christmas Market!

Running from Thursday 4th to Sunday 7th of December, the Lincoln Christmas Market boasts almost 300 stalls of everything from the traditional to the weird and wonderful all nestled around Lincoln's beautiful Cathedral and Castle. As anyone who has been will tell you it's a fantastic day or indeed night out, with great gift ideas, international food stalls, rides and more mulled wine than you can shake a mistletoe branch at. We will be open from 9am till 10pm every day of the market to soak up the wonderful atmosphere and give people a slightly more tranquil haven from the bustle of the crowds. Come by for the look at some beautiful art, fabulous gifts and even a glass of mulled wine and mince pie. 


We'd all like to thank local star Edward Waite and every art lover who dropped by the gallery on Saturday 15th of November to see Edward's latest exhibition and make the event such a joy to be part of. Edward Waite kick started our Visiting Artists program all the way back in July 2013. We were delighted to have him back in a local gallery, fresh from his travels with his unique perspective on London, Paris, New York, Sydney and even The Taj Mahal in Agra. Yet again Edward charmed us all and gave us a fantastic insight to his process with some live painting. The art world will certainly be seeing a lot more of Edward and we hope to have him back on our Visiting Artists events in the future, even more well traveled and inspired to blow us all away yet again. 

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