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Ann Pollard Exhibition

Stepping through the red door your eyes behold the elegantly displayed and beautifully painted canvasses by Ann Pollard. The indoor and outdoor light hits each piece which allows the works to radiate a warmth, in various ways the collection become life-like. Tempting the viewer to step into the painting and to experience what the Artist see’s.

'Grey/ Orange Abstract' Original Painting. 2018

 Florals. Landscapes. Seascapes. It’s clear that Ann Pollard has her own style, blurred between abstract and impressionist she uses the pallet knife in a gestural approach. Creating movement in the scene almost creating a sense of comfort as though someone has been there. Segments of her new collection have developed an ambiguity, where you are asked to question what the subject matter is. Specifically within ‘Grey/Orange Abstract’ the expressive movement within the light verses the dark colour pallet somehow forms a sense of calm. Where the light hits the canvas it creates a sense of a break through, as though something is expected to emerge from the space behind it.

'Golden Leaves' Original Painting. 2018

Colour, as always is very important within Pollard’s work where she emphasises each subject matter through composing each scene. Where vibrancy becomes the focal-point and showcases how vital colour is to capture the essence of a place. 

- The new collection seeps a visual pleasure which exceeds expectations.


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