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The Great Art Robbery

In light of our recent brush with Lincoln’s rather comically inept criminal underworld we are offering discounts on a great and rare back-catalogue of art from some of the most famous artists in the world. With Christmas just a few weeks behind us we understand that money is tight and we’d hate to know that a passion for art earned anyone a criminal record. We will have discounts on selected work from this Saturday 18th of January up until the end of February.

If you find a piece perfect for you remember we offer a free delivery service to the local area, so no need to try and balance your art all the way home on your bicycle.

 This is a great opportunity to begin a collection or add to your swag bag.

The usual suspects in this robbery are:

Peter smith

Lawrence Coulson

Jeff Rowland

Rob ford

Clare Francis

Paul Horton

Mary Shaw

Jonathon Shaw

Come into the gallery and meet our fun loving criminals.