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Richard Rowan


Leaving his fast paced lifestyle behind changed everything for Richard Rowan and he has since devoted all of his time to art on glass, his preferred medium, using a unique style of oil painting.

From a design and fine art background, after finishing his artist’s training, Richard Rowan found an artist’s life very difficult to establish and a designer’s one very frustrating. He ended up in the motor sport business ranging from world rally to Formula 1 – travelling worldwide for the next five years.

Having seen so much of the world Richard’s whole outlook on life changed, he never put down his drawing pad, constantly sketching cars and scenery. Never feeling quite at home constantly living out of a suitcase, Richard would produce art pieces when back at home and sell them at local galleries, this led to commissions and his reputation began to form.

Richard Rowan likes to challenge himself with difficult work, commenting that painting oil on glass can make you want to tear your hair out, but is also satisfying at the same time. When he sits down to paint, he wants to be better than the last time and pushes the boundaries of what he can do.

Check out Richard creating one of his incredible oil paintings on glass!

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