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Peter Smith


Peter Smith can never remember a time when he did not enjoy some form of creativity. Looking back to his child hood, he remembers having a small watercolour paint set which he took everywhere. Cats, dogs and people were all painted in the same simplistic form, but it was colours and shapes that fascinated him and quite often his attempts degenerated into swirls of colour - which he now understand was the start of his art education.

Along the way many things added to Peter's development; a few years as a surveyor gave accuracy, a computer programmer added a methodical approach and a graphic artist in the fashion industry put the last piece of the jigsaw together and gave him an understanding of colour and composition.

Peter gets his ideas from everyday life; in the street, the people he meets, the feelings he experience. At the end of every day he has hundreds of images, fighting for his attention and the chance to be painted; quite often he gets carried away with excitement and fills his sketchbook from cover to cover within hours giving him a rich source of reference material. Peter takes inspiration from other artists too; the quirkiness of Will Bullas with his strong characters and whimsical titles, but also the surreal Salvador Dali which has offered Peter an unusual slant on the world. But inspiration ultimately comes from deep inside, drawing on all his experiences. It's only when painting he places his real emotions down, each canvas receiving a different layer of emotion with each session.

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