Jos Haigh


I am an enthusiastic artist. Big, bright and bold is my style; I can't seem to tone it down really. I enjoy experimenting with unconventional combinations and creating the unexpected. I believe all colours go together.
My motto is, it really is: ...don't be afraid to experiment. It's not brain surgery - no-one will die! 
I began to paint seriously when, finding nothing suitable to brighten up my 10 year old son's bedroom, I thought I would a paint a couple of colourful dragons for him. He loved them and Strabismus was born! Soon after, I painted a whole series of dragon pictures for a childrens' fair and there I met a wonderful woman who asked whether I had "any bright flowers in those dragon colours". Oh, I did get excited then - marrying my art with my love of gardening (flowers, not vegetables) made perfect sense. 
I paint in both acrylics and watercolours. I simply can't decide which I prefer and I switch between the two depending on the theme and my mood. The acrylic art is usually larger than the watercolour paintings. The dog portraits are always in watercolour as I find this the best medium to capture that 'certain something' in their character. Although self-taught, I'm constantly researching and practising new techniques. In 2016, I was to be selected among the finalists in a 'New Artist Competion' run by one of the country's leading art publishing houses and I am delighted to have now joined the Buckingham stable of artists. 

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