Christopher Bell


Christopher Bell, born in 1960, studied art and photography at University level where he was given the perfect environment to let his style develop and form. Of course such a thing doesn’t happen overnight and even now Christopher experiments with his style and the scenes he portrays within his artwork.

Christopher has always held a special fascination with the vibrancy of colours and perspectives, this inspires the gorgeous backgrounds of his pieces as well as the shining colours that mix and play within his work. Here in his latest collections he has combined these phenomena to startling effect.

Christopher’s love of glasswork and painting allows his pieces to have a depth within his scenes through his clever use of materials and medium. He   applies tints and colours to both sides of a special iron free piece of toughened glass before he bakes them in an oven, sometimes for days on end, while the pigments ‘grow, fuse, and merge. This lets the colours blend while still ensuring that none of the vibrancy that is so iconic to Christopher is lost.

Christopher currently has a studio in a quiet part of rural Dorset, which he shares with his two best friends, Daisy, and Louie, his black labs. It’s truly no mystery where Christopher draws his inspiration for his wondrous waterscapes and harbour scenes.

While Christopher’s scenes change from landscapes to waterscapes to wildflowers one thing is for sure, that it is impossible to enter a room where one of his works hangs and not be drawn like a magnet to its extraordinary lustre and depth.

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