Becky Mair


Fine Art Guild’s Artist of the Year

Becky Mair was born in Chatham, Kent, but at the age of ten her father moved abroad and started working in the Middle East and Africa. Becky then spent the next 15 years commuting between England and where her parents were living. This allowed Becky to marvel at the vast differences, not only between cultures, but that of scenery and animal life.

In 1985, having completed a Foundation Course and Canterbury College of Art, Becky moved to live and work in London. In 2004 Becky successfully completed a BA Honours degree at UCA Canterbury. It was during these years that Becky was first introduced to the art style developed by Jackson Pollock, a style that would soon become the basis of Becky’s art career.

When asked on her process Becky says, “I have developed my own immediate response to a technique developed by the artist Jackson Pollock, whilst studying his process at university. His unique style has inspired me to produce a fluid and energetic representational reaction to his work. Working mainly in acrylic paint, ink, or domestic emulsion pain, I work directly from the tube of paint pot using a stick or tube to flick and direct the paint from a standing position over the paper or canvas. With my work I am interested in expressing a sense of power, movement, and strength whatever the subject matter.”

Becky is currently living in Kent with her husband and three children and their many and varied pets.


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