Annabel Thornton


Born in Cheshire Annabel studied at Cheltenham College of Art where she gained her BA Fine Art Honours Degree. 

Using dance and music as her primary focus Annabel is concerned with the movement of the human form and transferring the graceful harmony and kinetics of the dancer onto her canvas. 

She has an incredible understanding of her medium and employs many techniques, both traditional and contemporary, to reinforce the energy and strength of her subjects. Her bold and often daring use of colour serves to set the tone and atmosphere of the piece whilst drawing attention to specific details and inviting the viewer to engage with the artwork on a more experiential level.

“With my art I want to capture a split moment in time. The action of the dance, the moment the conductor lifts his baton, the atmosphere in the theatre and emotions of the sitter.” 

Annabel recently became a member of the Society of Woman Artists, of which she said:

"I am very proud to be taken on as a full member of the Society of Woman Artists (SWA). The society was founded in 1857 and has introduced many famous names to the world of fine art: Dame Laura Knight, Mabel lucy, Daphne Todd OBE, and many more. It is a great honour for me to appear amongst this line up of names."


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