Alexander Millar


After a number of different jobs Alexander Millar settled down in 1988 to become a professional artist. After many years of developing his own style in art he turned to images remembered from his childhood and used the local Tyneside ‘Gadgies’ as models in his paintings.

“After I’ve chosen a figure from my many sketches and photographs it is transferred to my canvas and blocked as a dark silhouette. Each layer of paint is then added gradually to separate tones; the figure is almost complete before the background colour is added.”

Having lived in the northern half of Britain all his life Millar tries to capture the subtle light that is particular to that part of the country. Once he had completed a painting, Alexander usually lets it sit in view for several days while he waits to see if any adjustments need to be made to the piece, in his words they usually become apparent by then.

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