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Artist: Graham Chalmers

Sold. Please contact the gallery on 01522 589134 or at to discuss similar artwork or a commission.


Framed Size 66 x 55.5 cm

Part of the Historic Lincoln Collection - Graham Chalmers, 'The Story Behind The Painting',

 "This painting depicts the Lincoln Market area (Sincil Street) as it was circa 1880. It was, like most markets a place full of bustle and business. Over the years it has lost its quaintness as 'progress' replaced the cobbles, gas lamps and some of the older buildings. From the viewers standpoint, the buildings on the left of the painting are still there although their use has changed. This area has been undergoing major reconstruction and pedestrianisation and while this line of shops will in the main remain preserved it will be interesting to see how any of the original shops from the painting remain trading (E.g. Chatterton). Modernisation is mainly a good thing but change must be done 'sympathetically' or some of the essence of how it was is lost. We will have to see how all of this will leave the area - artistically I can't help but love cobbles, gaslight and a bit of fog!"

The original source photograph for this painting was used with permission of Lincolnshire Archives and can be viewed at Lincoln Central Library.


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