Allow a Little Time to Escape

Limited Edition
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Artist: Michelle Mackie

Limited Edition Giclee on Paper

Mounted Size 27" x 26"

Framed Size 32" 31"

Edition Size 45 and 5 AP's. 

"We all need a bit of time sometimes to turn everything else off and just unwind, whether it be with a book, a film, a walk, just freedom for your mind to visit places you never been or even re visit. As a child I was always called dolly daydream by my family and the name dolly kind of stuck, I'm a big daydreamer and stuff coming to life out of books is something I've been revisiting since I was little." – Michelle Mackie

The Morpheus collectionMorpheus was known as the greek god of dreams and he lived in the dream realm, he shaped and formed the dreams through which he could appear to gods and mortals in human forms, This made Morpheus a messenger of the gods sending weird and wonderful divine messages in dream form.

Please contact the gallery to confirm availability as this piece may need to be ordered in. Also Deluxe Resin Edition available upon request. Only 3 exist in this edition and are 45" x 45" Framed, RRP £995. Contact us to check availability.

Prices Listed Include Current Framing, In Store Collection, and Lincolnshire Delivery. 


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